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The Ultimate Packing List

26 April 2021

The season is soon approaching and you’re scuffling around wondering what to pack for your first season with Worldwide Kids, “Will I need a beach towel?”, “Should I bring a dress?”, “What about shoes? Do I need to pack 10 pairs?!”

Do not worry! We have got you! Our head office team have had plenty of experience working directly in resorts across the globe and are more than happy to give you a few pointers on what to bring with you.

Jumpers / Cardigans

We would all love to believe that it would be hot in Greece and Spain for the whole time that we are there – but let us face it, you are most likely going out to resort for 7 out of 12 months. It will be cold at some point!

Black Leggings

Something also handy for those colder days!

If you intend on wearing them at work, make sure they are completely black – not see through and have no visible branding.

Jeans / Trousers

Again, for those days that you spend outside of work that it is just a bit too chilly for shorts.

Clean Black / White Trainers

Presentation is key when working for Worldwide Kids. You are representing our brand and as such should always look presentable.

Shoes should either be completely white or completely black – and preferably no logos.

Black / Blue Swimming Costume

You will be expected to partake in some swimming activities with our little guests – make sure you are prepared with a full cover black or blue costume.

An Umbrella

Yes, just like with the cold – sometimes it also rains!

Summer Clothing (Shorts, T-Shirts, Swimwear, etc.)

Ok. Enough about the cold – we are going to a summer destination after all! Bring some casual shorts, t-shirts, swimwear, etc. for your time out of work.

Be prepared for all types of situations – you never know when you will end up cliff-diving from Mount Olympus into the fresh waterfalls – or when you’ll be exploring adventurous hiking trails.

Clothes for Nights Out

Pack something nicer for the night if you are going out to dinner or going to an event on your day off.

Bag for Work

Crucial for all your daily essentials!


Having a watch at the ready will be beneficial for you. Keep in mind though, if you decide to have one for work, it will need to be plain and simple to match hotel’s and Worldwide Kids standards of presentation.


You can usually get any essentials such as a toothbrush, deodorant and shower products in the local supermarkets. Be aware that some products from big name brands can vary in price depending on the country you are going to, or might not be available at all. 

Pack your own personal essentials and favourite beauty products you cannot live without!


Keep in mind that some medicines available over the counter in your home country may be controlled in other countries. If you take medication regularly or need prescribed medicine for your time abroad, talk to your GP about your travel plans and make the necessary arrangements beforehand.

Beach Towel

Don’t forget to pack your favourite beach towel. You will need it when spending your day-off at the beach. 

Pack what you need.

Don’t overthink your packing. Most things that you do not bring with you can be bought in the countries that you are going to. 

Bedding and non-beach towels will be provided in your staff accommodation.

Managers’ Uniforms

As the Childcare Manager you are the face of Worldwide Kids within the resort, and are expected to create a professional image. As most resorts adhere to a smart dress code, this should be reflected in your ‘hotel wear’.

We suggest that you bring a few formal outfits for the office and your day-to-day meetings.


Smart trousers (no jeans, skirt or dress allowed), formal shirts/ blouses (shoulders need to be covered, non-see-through)


Smart trousers/ chino trousers (no jeans), casual shirts

Plain colours such as black, navy, light blue, white, beige or khaki are preferred.

No open-toed shoes are allowed.

Team Uniform

Worldwide Kids provide you with uniform for the duration of your contract – however some items, as listed above, should be purchased from your side.

As a footnote, don’t forget that you’re going to live and work somewhere new, so take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, find out what experiences are available and embrace them. 

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for information – you will be working with a team of local staff who can help you settle in, and of course the WK HR team are here to support you!

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