Little Guest Services

Your little guests are a big deal. They are the ones whose safety, happiness, and comfort will keep your bigger guests coming back, and create lasting bonds with your brand.

If little ones are happy, their families can relax and worry about the speciality cocktail of the day, or the unique and exciting activities your resort offers.

That’s why we call children ‘Little Guests’. They are your guests; they are important, and their needs must be met to the same standard…

Luxury Resorts: The Family Experience

Family tourism is driven by the ability of a resort to promote long-lasting memories, family togetherness and an escape from the day-to-day routine. A luxury holiday is personalised to each and every guest, meaning children deserve the full hotel experience too. Children want authentic, memorable and immersive experiences that are every bit as good as their parents. It is now, more than ever, expected of resorts to treat children as ‘VIP Guests’, and that holds a prominent position in the definition of a luxury family holiday.

Creating Experiences for Children

At Worldwide Kids, we work with luxury hotels and resorts across the globe, from short haul destinations in Europe to long haul retreats in the Maldives, Mauritius, Vietnam, the Seychelles, The UAE and more. You might assume that a global pandemic would halt us in our tracks but instead, we have taken this time to research, update, and evaluate how we can continue our commitment to giving children and their families the best experience possible.

Worldwide Kids Childcare

Childcare – Does it make or break a holiday?

We know that taking advantage of Creche and Kids Clubs is a personal choice, and a great opinion divider of parents and their children! While holiday childcare is paramount to some parents, and essential to their holidaying experience, others view holidays as precious time meant to be spent together.

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