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18 March 2021

At Worldwide Kids, we work with luxury hotels and resorts across the globe, from short haul destinations in Europe to long haul retreats in the Maldives, Mauritius, Vietnam, the Seychelles, The UAE and more. You might assume that a global pandemic would halt us in our tracks but instead, we have taken this time to research, update, and evaluate how we can continue our commitment to giving children and their families the best experience possible. 

If you know of us already, you will be aware that we place children at the forefront of family holidays because we know that their experience is a crucial factor in measuring enjoyment. If you didn’t know about Worldwide Kids, keep reading to find out a little more about the WK experience, and how we are continuously adapting and enhancing our services for you.

Staying Current

The first example of how we have adapted in response to the coronavirus pandemic, is our newly developed online learning.  Built by industry experts, Worldwide Kids have created our very own virtual learning platform, allowing us to continue to support childcare teams in their professional development journey.  This in turn, gives families the peace of mind that their child will continue to have a safe, fun, and exciting experiences in WK accredited childcare around the world.

Keeping up to date with the latest developments in childcare, activities, and resources helps us to ensure we are relevant and exciting, while continuously enhancing our services to exceed the expectations of little guests and their families.  

Children’s Safety… 

…is at the very top of our priority list when it comes to your little ones.

All activities and offerings are carefully checked and risk assessed to ensure that guests can experience our creches, kids clubs or teens clubs with the peace of mind that they are free from risk of harm.

We support this commitment through our policies and procedures, risk assessments, ongoing training, working practices, and values. 

Creating Memories That Last

At Worldwide Kids, we pride ourselves on recognising that each child is an individual with capacity for fun and learning, and we weave this through every aspect of our operation.  We know that children learn through play, so our activities are specifically designed to support this learning through fun and engagement. 

The WK Ethos is based around our drive to provide meaningful opportunities for our little guests, in an environment where they can flourish and simply be. You could call it the perfect recipe!

We are striving to ensure that the next generation understand the value of sustainability and mindful choices, whilst incorporating nature into our activities and settings. 

As we’ve mentioned, safety comes first, underpinning everything we do and allows us to relax and have fun, which happens to be next on our list of priorities! Enjoying themselves, while having valuable social interactions provides a positive environment for children to learn. Finally, we are striving to ensure that the next generation understand the value of sustainability and mindful choices, whilst incorporating nature into our activities and settings.  

To support our team in delivering activities, and ensure each child gets the most from out of them, we have designed a specific structure that they each follow.  This structure introduces the activity and then allows for children to explore the theme or concept of the activity in detail. Although our activities are structured, adaptation is an essential element of WK childcare. This means that activities are continuously adapted to meet the needs of different age groups, abilities, and personalities. Having the freedom to adapt our activities also allows our teams to embrace a child-led approach to fun and learning.  

Creating valuable and engaging experiences for each child is at the heart of what we do, so each activity provides an opportunity for reflection, so that experiences turn into life-long, positive memories.   

Although our activities are designed in a structured way, they are constantly under review as we try them in resort, gather feedback from our little guests, their families and our teams – and develop them further.  

This approach means that we are learning too, from the imagination and creativity of the children we work with – it is their ideas, feedback, and responses that allow us to keep creating unique, tailored programmes.

This is something that we take pride in – the fact that our learning as company is a continuous wheel – it doesn’t stop!

A craving to collect, connect and share with nature.

Spending Time in Nature

We believe that children are naturally geared towards an environment wider than their own; a craving to collect, connect and share with nature.

Following biophilic principles has been found to support cognitive function, physical health, and psychological wellbeing.  This is why we like to incorporate these aspects into our activities and spaces.

Inclusive Childcare

Worldwide Kids’ environments are known for being inclusive in all aspects, and will support your little ones whatever their journey.

Our childcare teams acknowledge that we are all so wonderfully unique and have different individual needs, and demonstrate this through interactions, activities and settings which are inclusive and provide equal opportunities for all.  

We welcome families to make their child’s experience safe, fun and comfortable whilst using Worldwide Kids services.

Personal Service

We have the ability, drive, and effort to recognise and respond to individual family values and use this to create personalised experiences at the highest level to ensure you depart from our services feeling well taken care of.

Our childcare teams are equipped with a multitude of strategies and techniques to communicate effectively with families to allow them the opportunity to keep up to date with their child’s journey.

Our aim is to create an experience for our little guests like no other.

WK activities, settings and operations are designed to give access to the world and allow learning through play. To provide opportunities to ignite their little minds to create, share, make mistakes and to be resilient.

Our approach to activities allows us to endlessly create unique, tailored programs that balance the needs of all our little guests’ and we are confident that this is the pathway to a positive and meaningful experience.

We support your little ones with structured yet flexible activities, enabling environments, and positive practices, as they lead the way. This is the WK approach, designed for children to unlock an array of benefits such as a higher sense of self-esteem and developed social relationships.

At Worldwide Kids, we strive to have a valuable influence on children’s overall well-being and development and create experiences that are positive and memorable.  We don’t want to just ‘get it right’, we want to challenge ourselves to exceed your expectations every time. 

We look forward to having you join us on our journey. JAMES GUNN

James Gunn is an Operations Consultant at Worldwide Kids.

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