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11 February 2021

Childcare – Does it make…

…or break a holiday?

We know that taking advantage of Creche and Kids Clubs is a personal choice, and a great opinion divider of parents and their children! While holiday childcare is paramount to some parents, and essential to their holidaying experience, others view holidays as precious time meant to be spent together. This applies to children too. While some are happiest being in the thick of it, amongst other young guests, taking advantage of all the hotel has to offer them, for other young guests, being apart from their parents and being in the throng of an all singing, all dancing kids club is really not their idea of fun at all!

So, to use or not to use a childcare facility?

Ultimately it is about finding a balance that suits your family and underpins the holiday experience you all wish to have. The saying “happy children, happy parents” really goes a long way. Hotels that offer adult experiences alongside great childcare facilities and family activities are acknowledging that family holidays are for recuperation, reconnecting and discovery for all. 

Our mission at Worldwide Kids is to help hotels, parents and children strike this balance; making the most of quality time together as a family and enjoying everything that resorts have to offer. We want to help you create strong relationships, and long-lasting memories with your chosen holiday destination.

Worldwide Kids – In a Nutshell

Worldwide Kids are the leading provider of kids’ club concept development and design. We provide facility audits and safer childcare staff recruitment. Our world-leading City & Guilds accredited vocational training offers specially developed courses that allow childcare staff access to essential learning and development, allowing you to feel confident with their safe, exciting, and fun childcare facilities. 

Worldwide Kids believe in creating unique, engaging, environments accessible to all, where you can be safe in the knowledge that children can have fun and flourish. Children’s safety and well-being underpins all aspects of Worldwide Kids and our Accreditation award is an independent seal of excellence showing that world-class services and facilities are being provided and upheld.

Once we are confident that children are safe, we can focus on fun! We aim to immerse the children in empowering environments that inspire. Children should have positive, enjoyable, and memorable experiences. Shared fun also allows children to establish new friendships, build self-esteem, and develop social skills.

At Worldwide Kids, we recognise a child’s ability to learn through play and encourage this with carefully structured activities and experiences. Worldwide Kids always asks how an activity is developing knowledge, understanding, or social skills. Our enriching activities allow children to enjoy unforgettable moments, and simply be.

Worldwide Kids are committed to encouraging sustainability and mindful choices when creating spaces and planning activities for children. To promote a sense of responsibility and respect for the natural environment, and ultimately give children the confidence to ask questions and explore the world they live in.

What to expect…

…when choosing a Worldwide Kids childcare service.

Online Booking

A trusting partnership that begins when you enquire about our childcare service or book sessions for your children. Trust is the foundation of any relationship between you and your childcare team, and Worldwide Kids gather as much information as possible in advance to deliver the best possible care, right from the start.

Our online booking system allows you to share this information with us during the booking process. If your child has any additional needs, our team will contact you before you travel to discuss how we support your family. This may include arranging 1:1 support, additional training or whatever we can do to make your experience better. We want parents to feel welcome to contact us to discuss any specific concerns or needs.

We want you to be confident that our service will enhance your holiday and allow you to enjoy valuable downtime.

Expert Recruitment 

Our managed resorts childcare teams are put together by our expert HR consultants who offer a wealth of experience. We know what we’re looking for, to provide excellent childcare and the requirements needed to be an outstanding childcare practitioner. WK HR follows our safer recruitment policy undertaking all the necessary steps to ensure the staff employed are not only qualified, experienced, and passionate about childcare but who are also rigorously checked and referenced. All our team members will complete our City&Guilds accredited training before starting work and they will have access to ongoing on-going support, additional training, and a point of communication while they are working abroad.

Worldwide Kids also offer consultancy services to hotels and assist in either recruitment and or training their teams so you are assured that your children will have access to the same enviable childcare in whichever WK Accredited destination you choose.

Biophilic Design

It is important to Worldwide Kids that your children are provided for and comfortable in the hotel environment. Whether this is in our supervised childcare facilities, a family playground, children’s activity areas or with a fully trained babysitting service, WK does it all.

Over the past few years, we have been focussing on the principles of biophilia when designing recommending environments for children. We strive to create spaces that have an abundance of natural light, promote outdoor activities, are furnished with naturally sourced materials and plants. We do this because we know that connecting with nature enhances children’s wellbeing and cultivates value and awareness of their world, their future, and the choices they make and the consequences they may have. 

Worldwide Kids Family Wellness Design – Zulal Wellness Resort, Qatar

Eco-Friendly Equipment

When recommending equipment, we aim to enhance our environments with products that are responsibly sourced, exciting, varied and age appropriate. These resources allow our teams to encourage children to explore and understand the world around them.

Eco-friendly products also support our sustainable partnerships with our hotel clients.

Activities for All Ages

The activity programmes we create are engaging, celebrate diversity and are fun. Children are given the opportunity to enjoy physical, creative, and cognitive activities during each morning and afternoon session. Activities take place indoors and outdoors, utilising the unique environments each hotel has to offer.

At WK our activities constantly evolve as our expert-led childcare teams learn from the children we work with to create new, innovative and exciting experiences. 

Our clubs generally offer three sessions between 10am and 6pm for children aged between 4 months and 17 years.

Lunch Club (1pm-3pm) will allow younger guests to socialise with their friends and importantly, refuel. Together with the WK team, children can reflect on their morning together while enjoying the cuisine offered by the hotel, supported by WK staff. This is followed by free choice activities to recharge, ready to enjoy the afternoon session.

Evening activities are also offered to our younger guests. These sessions allow parents to indulge in a quiet dinner or some drinks, some well-deserved adult-only time, whilst children gain new experiences with new friends with a stargazing session or a movie night on the beach.

We operate our clubs to UK standards and have strict adult to child ratios in place. Our SOP’s are reviewed regularly by our Operations Team who asses our services to make sure they meet the current standards and needs of the services we deliver.

We recommend the following categories.

CRECHE – ages 4 months to 24 months and 24 months to 47 months.

KIDS CLUB – ages 4 years to 8 years and 9 years to 12 years.

TEENS – 13 years to 17 years.           

Worldwide Kids know that offering first class creches for babies and toddlers staffed by qualified early years practitioners is an important factor for families, particularly if this is their first experience with holiday childcare. Hotels operating a qualified crèche are a decision maker for families with children under 4. Our creche staff offer a service that embraces the bespoke care needed for the youngest guests, their individual needs are met in nurturing and calm environments.

Our Kids Clubs meanwhile, captivate your children’s imagination, sparking creativity and enthusiasm.  They are environments that encourage children to socialise, keep active and gain new skills whilst creating unforgettable memories.

Teen clubs and activities are often neglected in hotels. However, WK are mindful of the perceived challenges associated with working with teens, and offer a service that allows this age group to take charge of their entertainment under the guidance of our Teen Club Supervisor.  Teen clubs offer a supervised environment for children to socialise and build new friendships, participate in exciting activities whilst feeling independent away from their parents.  We safely utilise social media to engage our Teens and tap into the trends that are important to them. Our Teen programmes focus on wellbeing, sport, enjoying the outdoor environment, culture and embraces technology. It is important to us that in a time of their life that can have its challenges and demands our teens can unwind, reflect, and reset.

So, why Worldwide Kids?

We appreciate how important younger guests are within a hotel environment and how very easily they can be overlooked and almost forgotten. We champion investment in creating engaging child specific facilities and activities that afford the children a unique holiday experience of their very own. Recognition, valuing them as individuals and engaging with the younger guests can only promote positivity for all the family. This in turn encourages them to return and to continue to create everlasting memories.

Working in partnerships with hotels, families, children, and childcare professionals, Worldwide Kids continue to lead the way in providing the highest standard of childcare, childcare facilities, training and development. EMMA YOUNG

Emma Young is the Operations Director at Worldwide Kids.

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