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26 May 2022

A true family holiday means looking after the littlest guests…

Your little guests are a big deal. They are the ones whose safety, happiness, and comfort will keep your bigger guests coming back, and create lasting bonds with your brand.

If little ones are happy, their families can relax and worry about the speciality cocktail of the day, or the unique and exciting activities your resort offers.

The luxury travel industry is all about exceeding expectations, and for us, that means for the entire family, not just the ones who will be writing your online review.   

That’s why we call children ‘Little Guests’. They are your guests; they are important, and their needs must be met to the same standard as everyone else’s. The luxury travel industry is all about exceeding expectations, and for us, that means for the entire family, not just the ones who will be writing your online review.

At Worldwide Kids we understand children. We have studied childcare, worked with kids of all ages, in all settings, and changed nappies all over the world! This means we also understand how much of a responsibility it is to care for young children in your resort. We know that keeping babies and toddlers safe can be a daunting prospect if you don’t know where to start. We know it’s not the same as looking after your own little one, which can be challenging enough!

But by not providing childcare for under 4s, at best you are missing a trick, and at worst excluding a whole demographic entirely- young families who want to know that you believe their babies and toddlers are just as important as their older kids and teenagers.

That’s why we’ve put together the WK Little Guest Services Package. It’s everything a resort needs to enhance your childcare by extending it to include the littlest guests, under the age of 4.

If you ask any parent what the most important thing about childcare for them is, they will say safety. At Worldwide Kids we agree with them. Safety is also why many hotels avoid offering childcare to under 4s.


So how do you offer this service with safety at the heart? We have the answer…

Firstly, you need a childcare team that you and your family guests feel confident in. This starts at the recruitment stage. Worldwide Kids will help you understand what to look for with job descriptions and screening interviews.

The WK Childcare Standard Operating Procedures will provide you with clear policies and guidelines on how best to approach any potential situation that may arise; from safe sleeping, to managing illness, and dealing with emergencies.

Combine this with our accredited training courses, and your team is good to go! Our City&Guilds International Childcare for Leisure and Tourism courses are specifically designed for childcare within the luxury travel sector which will equip your team with the knowledge and understanding needed to provide excellent childcare. The course covers all elements of the role, from health and safety essentials, to positive interactions with children, designing and leading activities, and creating an enabling environment.

Finally, WK will provide Operational Support for your team, giving that extra layer of confidence to deal with the unexpected, and offer support with specific challenges.

Now that you have a team who are confident to work with under 4s, you need the right setting. A WK facility and operations audit will review your facilities and make recommendations on how to create a setting that is safe, secure, and suitable for the littlest guests. We know that there’s a lot to consider here, so we provide guidelines on sleeping areas, intimate care, feeding babies and toddlers, and much more.

Providing fun, memorable experiences with opportunities for learning is what Worldwide Kids believes in. 

But there’s more… Providing fun, memorable experiences with opportunities for learning is what Worldwide Kids believes in. Did you know that humans learn more between birth and five years old than at any other time in our lives? With this in mind, we will provide you with 3 weeks’ worth of activities for under 4s. Our team is invested in developing experiences for little ones that will help them learn, grow, and experience the world around them, and the activities provided will always be ‘on trend’ and in-line with the latest thinking in early years education.

So, picture this… you’ve got a great baby and toddler-friendly facility, well-trained, confident childcare staff, and exciting activities planned for those little ones. When it comes to ensuring your operation runs smoothly, we can help with that too. Kids Management System (KMS), our bespoke cloud-based booking system is included as part of the WK little guest package.

Offering care for babies and toddlers demonstrates your commitment to being a true ‘family resort’

Working with babies and toddlers requires a certain level of care, which is why we advise strict staff to child ratios are put in place. Using KMS ensures that you are able to forecast and manage staffing levels, record attendance, and report on specific areas of the operation. Furthermore, it means that families can begin planning their stay in advance, booking that couples massage at the spa, safe in the knowledge that their little one is being well cared for.

Offering care for babies and toddlers demonstrates your commitment to being a true ‘family resort’ because family doesn’t just start once your children reach 4 years old! And WK will recognise this by granting those hotels and resorts who provide excellent childcare, with our independent seal of approval- Worldwide Kids Accreditation status.

Not only will providing care for babies and toddlers enable you to offer true family holidays, it will also generate additional revenue. Those young families who travel outside of school holidays will be looking for somewhere that caters to the newest additions, and they will expect to pay for the level of care required as a supplementary service.

Our goal is to extend amazing experiences for children to their holidays. Our childcare approach is to encourage curiosity, learning, and positivity in children, right from the start. We believe that each child is unique, and should be excited to try new things. We achieve this by creating a safe, and supportive environment for them. Let us do that for you too.

Let WK help you feel safe and confident in your childcare offering, so that you can give your littlest guests those memorable experiences through excellent childcare. Be bold, try something new, and show your family guests that no matter what age they are, they are important to you.

We want to share our knowledge and experience with the industry to ensure excellence in childcare across the board. By supporting you with well- trained, experienced staff, with clear guidelines to follow, a safe, engaging facility, and age-appropriate, exciting experiences for babies and toddlers, you can set the new standard for family holidays. ABBIE CLARK

Abbie Clark is the Learning and Development Manager at Worldwide Kids.

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