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From Family Resorts to Business Hotels: Benefit from Little Guest Offerings

22 August 2023

When you think about hotels and resorts, catering primarily to the family demographic might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Childcare services may not even be on your radar. But what if there was a way to tap into this market without committing to a permanent family-oriented setup? Let’s reconsider our perspectives and explore the potential of adaptable spaces in the hospitality industry.  

Imagine having a versatile and multifunctional space at your disposal. This space holds the key to unlocking a world of possibilities. It’s not about boxing your property into a single market niche; it’s about embracing versatility to cater to different audiences throughout the year.  

The concept is simple yet transformative.

The concept is simple yet transformative. During peak family vacation times, this multifunctional space can seamlessly transform into an engaging and interactive kids’ club. Picture parents feeling the joy of knowing their children are being cared for and entertained in a secure environment, while they take a breather and relish their stay. 

But the story doesn’t end there. Think about the appeal of extending complimentary childcare services to your business travellers. This small addition can set you apart in the corporate travel landscape. Business professionals can immerse themselves in meetings, conferences, and engagements with the confidence that their children are well looked after. It’s a unique selling proposition that speaks to those who value a harmonious blend of work and family life. 

In essence, this adaptable approach grants you the power to diversify your offerings without being locked into a singular identity. It’s about embodying change and responding to the dynamic demands of the market. By doing so, you’re not just accommodating different markets — you’re embracing them. You’re creating an experience that resonates with a broader spectrum of guests, crafting memories that transcend the ordinary. 

This strategy isn’t just about meeting the needs of various demographics; it’s about truly understanding and connecting with them. You’re shaping your property into a destination that stands out by catering to the diverse needs of today’s travellers. Whether they’re seeking leisure or business, you’re positioning yourself as a property that comprehends their unique requirements. It’s time to shift your perspective and unlock the true potential of your property. JAMES GUNN

James Gunn is a Business Development Consultant at Worldwide Kids.

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