Megan Wilson on “how to create world-class childcare facilities” 

Our Senior Design Consultant, Megan Wilson, and her team at Worldwide Kids are on a mission to re-define children’s experiences in hospitality. Their dedication to creating innovative and unique design projects for some of the world’s largest luxury hotel groups is unparalleled. Plus, with ten years’ experience in childcare and the luxury hospitality sector, you can be sure you are in safe, expert hands. So, we caught up with Megan to find out how she is inspiring her clients to offer unforgettable experiences and spaces for kids through bespoke concepts and facility design.  

  1. Can you walk us through the stages of a Worldwide Kids design project? 

We pride ourselves on our holistic approach to design. We have tailored our design phases to suit the needs of the hospitality sector as we do all our products. A full WK design project includes 3 steps: step 1 is childcare concept and branding. In this step we orchestrate the narrative which will inspire the facility, its operations and the journey of the little guests who will eventually get to enjoy it. We take our time to study the resort, the brief and the brand, being careful to understand the demographic and offering which best suits the location. We try to involve stakeholders when developing this narrative to ensure everyone is as enthusiastic about the project as we are. Step 2 is where the fun really starts, this is the schematic design phase of the project, where we start to develop the 2D floor plans and subsequent 3D renderings. Step 3 is our detailed design phase, where Worldwide Kids provides a plethora of information and specifications to ensure our ideas can be executed to the highest standards.  

  1. What is your creative process when designing childcare spaces? 

Our inspiration will always stem from what the children want and need. We try to see ourselves in the eyes of a child in that environment and foresee what they wish to gain from their visit. I think what makes a childcare facility thrive is ensuring that the concept is engaging and welcoming for all children, as they are all unique. A kids’ club should provide a variety of different ways to play, engage and carry out activities. We are blessed with some very talented designers who create heartwarming and thoughtful concepts which give children using their spaces an outlet to showcase their own creativity and an opportunity to develop their talents while on holiday.  

  1. How do you approach designing spaces that are both visually appealing and functional for children? (incl. safety) 

Worldwide Kids has been perfecting the art of what children need in facilities for the hospitality industry for over 30 years, this experience has been imperative in shaping how we formulate our designs. Functionality will always be at the forefront of our minds when we develop ideas, we want children to engage with and benefit from what we include in our facilities. However, we also understand what aesthetic is expected for a luxury resort; we strive to bring the childcare facility design into the same league as the rest of the hotel. Ensuring all the ‘play’ is coated in opulence.  

  1. What role do sustainability and environmental considerations play in your design approach for childcare facilities? 

Worldwide Kids ethos includes our commitment to encouraging sustainability and mindful choices. We achieve this through various channels throughout our products. Our specific approach within the design team includes all areas of the design process; from how we make decisions, the materials we specify or the products we recommend, we are always striving to ensure we make economical and ethical choices. We are particularly careful with the installation choices we make, to ensure they provide longevity and continuous enjoyment rather than following trends which may not last. 

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