Amazing team, very enthusiastic friendly and energetic – the boys loved them. Particular mention to Toni in mini club and Tash, Sinead and Donatus in 4+ club. It was great to know there was a good mix of stuff going on – quieter, focused activities (eg. Playdoh) for little ones in the air con and super cool games, watersports, trips to SBH for the big kids. Sinead and Donatus amazing at the latter. Good variety of games, ride on toys for little ones etc. The staff always ensured the children were handed over safely (ie not allowed to get out the door without being signed out and visibly dispatched! We were really impressed when we saw Donatus and kids by water sports and a couple of them stood up from sandcastle building and he was very quick to get them back with the group sitting down. As a Mother, just what you want to see!! Only comment is that our 6 year old would have like to play crazy games in the pool in the morning session but it was afternoon only (due to heat I guess) Really amazing childcare, I never thought the boys would love going to kids club as much as they did, it made our holiday even better!! THANK YOU 🙂

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