We’ve just returned from Sani Beach Hotel. PLENTY of thanks to Melissa Mini Club, excellent service indeed! Great facilities:  painting, sand creation, pasta making, games, sport competition, swimming etc; varied every day. Creative, exciting, excellent! My son enjoyed the activities very much, he spent really a fantastic time. On our last day he didn’t want to leave. It’s quite a problem to challenge such a high level of entertainment now when we’re back home. The staff is  lovely, approachable & friendly. They are so welcoming and careful with children, kind hearted and very much interested in children. They not only do their job to the best but seem to enjoy their roles truly. They are highly professional, thoughtful and confident. I was particularly impressed with the attention paid to sun hats, sun cream and shade, putting on swimming bands, taking off wet swim clothes, providing drinking water, etc. I felt absolutely safe leaving my son with them. Also babysitting was great, we had a few evenings out on our own. I was sure about my son’s well-being and safety leaving him with such friendly caring staff and he truly enjoyed his time with them. They have even provided for an opportunity  to leave children at the Baby watch near the restaurant and thus to give us a bit of “adult time” during dinner. Everybody was eager to help. I wish I could have taken any of the staff home to be our babysitter here. Beautiful children’s place, wonderful team. I would highly recommend visiting Sani  to all my friends with kids, at least due to the existence of Melissa club.

Dear Staff! We will definitely be back thanks to you. Hope to see you all next year. We have been very happy to meet you and would like to thank you for everything. We think you’re all wonderful and have all made it the most enjoyable holiday for us. We will miss you all. With special gratitude to Illyia, Natasha and Olga.

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