All staff very good but would make special mention for Sinead and Donatus who went out of their way to give our children a wonderful time, they were quite exceptional and full of fun. Our children loved all the outdoor activities, they were less keen on the drawing/colouring activities. They loved the daily pool time, water sports and the food activities (making pizza etc.) Art materials seemed quite limited. Its a pity Beach Club doesn’t have an adjacent play area similar to Beach Hotel. All very reassuring – care taken over sun hats, sun creams and keeping hydrated. Good supervision at pool and at lunch. Given how quiet the pool was it was a shame the children were squeezed into a tiny corner for water play. Entrance to Kids club needs to be more welcoming – murals wind chimes etc, its very bare and spartan. I would keep a strong focus on outdoor activities for all age groups opening time of 10am is difficult for parents who want to go on daily half day trips as bus leaves at 9.30. Better co-ordination of kids club hours and bus times, either later bus or option of paying for extra hour at kids club. Hope this is helpful – our twins had a fabulous time so a big thank you to staff.

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