Very friendly, very professional staff. Andreea remembered our children’s names from the start, she and all the staff were so very friendly and welcoming towards our children. Good variety of activities, the children always had something different to look forward to. They enjoyed all the activities, sporty, creative, imaginitve, phusical. It is good that the children had a time table so that they knew what to look forward to. Nice cool indoor space, spacious and decorated in a fun way to excite children. Good space for relaxation which we think is important. Outdoor space big as well with good swings and climbing frame. We felt very comfortable with the overall child safety in this setting. Under 4’s and over 4’s area clearly defined in the general room and outdoor space. We don’t know about the child safety on outings except to say that Joseph said ‘we weren’t allowed to cross the line’ on the morning when they fed the fish which I think shows a good sense of safety out and about. An excellent, excellent service. This is our first experience of a kids club and so we have no comparison but I work in childcare and I am very impressed with this professional service. Big massive thank you.

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