All the staff were absolutely brilliant and went beyond the call of duty for us. Our youngest child has Type 1 diabetes and required intensive monitoring and blood testing. Staff were keen to learn about her condition and were very happy to accomodate Elouisa, treating her just like any other child and allowing us to follow the club around so we could have a bit of a break but still be on hand to treat her as necessary. We really appreciate the lengths they went to for our family – it made our holiday so much more enjoyable. I thought the activities were really well planned with a good mix of indoor (out of the sun) and outdoor. Staff were very caring with children ensuring they all had sun hats and cream applied before going out. My girls loved the cooking and cocktail making! The games were great too – I was watching and felt the staff were having a fab time too (rather than it being a chore) which was very refreshing to see and the way it should be! Staff managed to achieve the correct balance between friendly and bossy – when the children were out walking between activities they were wonderful at keeping the children in a line safely away from the roads. I always felt there were enough adults to children. I was particularly impressed with they way they managed children in the pool – no mean feat! We were so impressed with the kids club facilities that we will actively look for hotels which have WWKC centres. Particularly having a child with such intensive medical needs I was just so impressed and touched with the way they dealt with us. Thank you very much Tash and the team for helping us have a fantastic break – Our best holiday since Elouisa was diagnosed xx

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