Embracing a Virtual Learning Experience

This last year has been full of changes. Many of these have been forced upon us, causing us to adapt in response. At Worldwide Kids, we have always been proud of our ability to adapt: we work internationally, with children aged 4-months to 17-years, so it’s more of a necessity than a choice for us! That’s why we have decided to embrace digital learning.

The newest addition to the WK portfolio is a range of practical, engaging, specifically developed online training courses.

At Worldwide Kids, we know that children learn through play, and we try to take the same approach to training adults, as running activities for kids: both must be fun, participant lead, practical, and social. So how have we translated this from face-to-face training to online?

Worldwide Kids has never subscribed to learning as being a group of people who are simply presented with information in a traditional ‘classroom’ environment. We value interaction, discussion, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and practical application of learning. While we are aware that there are many ways to facilitate eLearning, anyone who has spent long hours on Zoom recently will attest to the fact that some are better than others!

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