This week our lovely Ben is at the Hamilton Princess Hotel in Bermuda, training their new childcare team to Worldwide Kids’ famous standards.

Worldwide Kids training Bermuda

Over the next 6 days, Ben will be training their team to Worldwide Kids standards on everything from paediatric first aid to safety policies and procedures, activity planning and positive relationship building with kids and parents, and lots more. Our training programme is accredited by City and Guilds, and covers every aspect of successfully and safely managing a childcare environment in a hotel or resort.

At the end of the 6 days, each team member will complete assessments for each of the 12 training units.

But we don’t stop there. It’s all very good to pass a test, but for us to know we’ve done a great job, we will continue to work with the team over the next 6 months, asking them to complete a number of performance evidence reports to demonstrate that they are practising the skills they have learned, within the childcare environment itself.


WK first aid training Bermuda

Here’s an overview of the things the team will be skilled on this time next week:

Policies & Procedures

Health & Safety Guidelines, Accident Reporting Procedure, Head Injury Letter, Security Policy, Emergency Evacuation Policy, Sick Child Policy, Medication Policy, Food Policy, Allergic Reaction Policy, Guides to Infectious Diseases, Preventing E-Coli, Swine Flu Guidelines, Transporting Children, Outing and Excursion Policy, Lost Child Policy, Comments and Complaints Policy, Late Parent Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy, Special Need Policy, Child Protection Policy, Anti-bullying Policy, Behaviour Management Policy, Nappy Changing Procedure, Babysitting Policy, Sleep Policy


Risk Assessments, Registration Forms, Medication Forms, Signing In/Out Form, Accident Forms, Pen Pictures, Day in the Life of Form


Staff Profiles, Key to an Excellent Display, Types of Photographs, Resources Needed for a Display, Children’s Quotes, Ideas for Displays, Interactive Displays, Maintaining Displays

Health and Safety

Care Ratios, Clean Facilities, Clean Equipment, Additional Safety Points

Activity Planning

Activity Planning, Creative Resources, Cooking, Physical Activities for Children, Evening Activities, Celebrating Culture, Activities for Culture Based Sessions, Areas of Play, Safe Outdoor Play


Health and Safety Guidelines for Swimming, Pool Rules, Swimming Activities for Children Who Can’t Swim, Swimming Activities for Children Who are Fairly Confident Swimmers, Swimming Activities for Children Who are Confident Swimmers

Food and Beverage

Providing Snacks, Food Allergies, Food for Children, Children’s Menu, Lunch Club


Excellent Team Performance, Team Meetings, Positive Interaction with Children, Communicating with Children on the First Visit, Settling Children In, How to Interact with Children, Promoting Positive Play

Positive Relations with Parents

Preparing for Families to Arrive, Feedback


Being Prepared, What to Take, Questions to Ask, Children’s Routines, Sleeping Children

Guide to Infectious Diseases & First Aid Checklist

See more about the kids club at the Hamilton Princess Hotel, Bermuda here

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