Children’s opinions are important, especially those of 8-12 years old, the tweens. Three-quarters of mothers say they are influenced by their children for household purchases. These are the same women who make vacation decisions. At the dawn of adolescence, young people have already experienced tourists, with that have already experienced memories both good and bad. They also participate in the decision-making process for family vacations.

When it comes to preparing a family holiday, parents want everyone to enjoy it and a certain democracy takes place in the decision-making process. These young people are informed, connected and have a strong persuasive power, directly or indirectly.

With this in mind, hotels should not only consider adults’ desires. They should also respond to children’s needs.

Here are some tips:

–  Providing exclusive facilities for children such as Crèche & Kids’ Club, Teens Club, pools, playground etc.

– Giving them a true experience that they deserve and that you already give to your adult guests. The services need to be distinctive, unique and exceptional.

–   Your hotel, and your destination, are unique so offer them unique activities that they cannot do at home or at school.

– Train your staff to be “child friendly”. They need to know how to interact with children and how to satisfy their needs as much as your adult guests.

Remember: If the child is not happy, the family will not come back!

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