In three (not so) little words…. Revenue, Satisfaction and Repeaters


The family travel market is a multi $Billion part of the hospitality economy and any hotel or resort that has the ability to demonstrate a high aptitude in providing exceptional facilities and services for families will reap their fair share. By this I mean you need to provide professional childcare spaces and services for all age groups, from babies to teens. Parents will not only pay a premium for the actual childcare services received but will also stay longer and spend more in other departments – F&B, Spa and recreation within your resort. It’s worth noting that 30% of families that travel do so with children under the age of 3; not providing services for this age group is a key element missed by so many ‘family friendly’ resorts. This is also the sector of the market that is not restricted to school holidays – so can travel at any time, not just peak season.


Customer satisfaction is key. Families have so many, and varied, requirements it can be difficult to fully meet and exceed their expectations. However, if you get it right for the little ones, you will earn the gratitude of all adult guests. Providing proper facilities and services to engage children’s imaginations and zest for life is one of the most important factors in achieving ultimate satisfaction of your family guests. Treating the whole family, including the kids, (like the 5 star guests they are) in all departments.


If all members of a family, including the little ones, have a good experience at your property then you will have them all clamouring for more, and wanting to return again and again.  Never underestimate ‘pester power’!

If you believe that these points are valid for your hotel, and would like to develop a facility or service for children, then the best possible action is to seek advice from a resort childcare expert!

– Kate Dicker, Business Development Executive, <span class=”notranslate”>Worldwide Kids</span>.

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