Teenagers are known to be a difficult age to please on a family holiday. While teens are not adults just yet, they are not interested in ‘kiddie’ activities or hanging around with their siblings and parents. As children mature they are desperate for freedom and a chance to grow their independence. As children get older, families are far more likely to let them have a say in which hotel or resort they prefer, as a week with miserable teenagers not enjoying the resort facilities is not an ideal, relaxing family holiday.

Many hotels and resorts claim to be ‘family friendly’ but often these only actually cater for children up to 12 year olds, with no club or space for teenagers to escape to and mingle with other children their age. More and more hotels are now introducing teen clubs during the peak season to keep hold of their loyal families whose children are outgrowing their kids club programs.

By having an organised teen club which operates in the morning and afternoon, this gives teenagers the opportunity to develop their much craved independence and enjoy supervised, action packed activities with their new found friendships. Do not underestimate teens’ energy and enthusiasm for a challenging adventure. Their sessions need to be filled with enticing and unique activities to keep them engaged and occupied. Think wind surfing, kayaking, sports tournaments, water sports, mountain biking, snorkelling, cooking lessons and “mocktails”.

The school holidays are the peak time for teenagers to go on family holidays and hotels are finding that during these peak periods, large groups of loud, energetic teenagers hang around in the lobby or wander around the resort aimlessly. This is not appealing to other holiday makers and this could result in guests choosing not to return.

Teenagers need a base, a teen only area which is accessible day & night. A suitable hang out space that is away from the kids club and filled with entertainment, Wi-Fi, the latest games, flat screen TV’s, a music system, games consoles and comfy seating. This space in a hotel gives the teenagers a cool area to socialize in, chat with new friends, bond over games and gain a sense of maturity away from their parents. Not only are these facilities what families with teens look for when searching for their holiday, but this is what hotels and resorts require to keep hold of their returning guests.

Although teenagers are growing adults, they are still young, adventurous and do require supervision and structured entertainment to keep them occupied. By having the ratio of 1 adult: 8 children in a hotels teen club, this makes teenagers feel mature and independent whilst having someone to provide guidance and prevent mischief.

Rebecca Davidson, Operations Consultant, <span class=”notranslate”>Worldwide Kids</span>

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