Every childcare professional feels the weight of responsibility on their shoulders. After all, they have been entrusted with a parent’s most precious possession; their child. While a child is in their care, they are responsible for their safety.

With such an emphasis on the importance of safety, hotel managers should ensure that there is enough staff trained in not only first aid but Paediatric First Aid and that they are available in the hotel at all times. Caring for children, whether as a parent or professional, brings a great deal of responsibility and knowing what to do should an accident occur is essential.

It is natural that a parent will feel anxious while their child is away from their side, even more so away from home, and it is the role of the childcare provider to do all they can to put their fears to rest. Paediatric First Aid training and refresher courses help to reassure parents that, should their child need first aid attention, they will receive the right treatment quickly and from a member of staff who feels both capable and confident in what they are doing.

Legislation has changed in many countries, whereby all childcare practitioners across various childcare based sectors are required to be Paediatric First Aid trained.

So why not the hotel industry?

By supplying Paediatric First Aid training to your staff working directly with children:

  • You never know when emergencies will arise. It is, therefore, imperative to attend a Paediatric First Aid course and learn how to handle critical situations.
  • They can save children’s lives in critical situations with a few simple but vital techniques. Taking immediate and correct action could save the life of an infant or child.
  • The first few seconds after an accident can make a huge difference between life and death. So, irrespective of where they are based, or your accessibility to emergency facilities, it is essential to know how to deal with the child or infant related trauma.
  • They will be taught how to administer the correct procedure in case an infant or child is choking.
  • They will be taught how to administer the correct CPR procedure in case an infant or child has stopped breathing or has gone into cardiac arrest.
  • Having a professionally trained childcare team, who also hold a current Paediatric First Aid certificate, ensures peace of mind for both the families using your facilities and yourselves.
  • They will gain a better awareness of the importance of health and safety practices and a better understanding of how to risk assess and provide activities in environments with the correct supervision and equipment.

Every sector offering childcare should work together to ensure as many practitioners as possible, who regularly care for children or infants, are trained in at least the basics of Paediatric First Aid. By doing this, we can collectively continue to care for our children across the world in the safest possible environments.

If you believe that providing outstanding care for children is important then investing in Paediatric First Aid training is a positive and essential step forward to achieving this.

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