Travelling with a family can turn even a short haul journey into a long-haul day. When a family arrives at your hotel with children running circles around the parents, you have no idea what kind of day they have had. From delays to teething toddlers even the smoothest of travels can be testing. And now is your opportunity to turn stress into relief and tantrums into laughter with the perfect welcome and seamless check in procedure – a fantastic start to a perfect holiday.

Upon arrival at the hotel a porter appears as if from nowhere to attend to the luggage and as soon as the family enters the foyer a smart, smiling member of the guest relations team introduces themselves and welcomes the family with ice cold local cocktails for the adults and ice cold juice boxes for the children. Do not forget the children – they are not invisible. Get down to their eye level and ask open ended questions – engage with the whole family.

A member of the childcare team appears with welcome packs (cap, colouring book and crayons and the children’s programme of activities) and listens attentively to all the excitable stories of their magical plane ride whilst helping them with their colouring in. Mum and dad are instantly relaxed – happy children make happy parents. With the children taken care of the parents can concentrate on checking in, settling in to their room, putting on their summer attire and getting their holiday started. With all the paperwork pre-printed and ready for signatures, a speedy photocopy of their passport is taken, credit card details attained and keys to their room that they requested handed over. They have finally arrived on their long-awaited holiday and they are already pleasantly surprised with the thoughtfulness and efficiency of the staff. After all, first impressions last.

After such a long day, the last thing they need is to be bombarded with information. Instead they are informed on the location and time of dinner & breakfast before being shown to their room. The extra bed and the crib that was requested is already in the room and made up ready for tired little heads to fall asleep on. There is a welcome pack for the parents which they can look through at their leisure, with a map of the hotel, information on the hotel’s services (F&B, spa, sports & leisure and special events during their stay) including the children’s clubs and a welcome letter from the hotel manager. All too often information on the children’s clubs and services are overlooked but they shouldn’t be as the “little guests” are just as important as the parents.

Fine tuning your family check in procedure is one of many ways that <span class=”notranslate”>Worldwide Kids</span> can assist in making your hotel the top choice for family holidays. It’s one of many services on offer with our packages.

Lal Askar, Operations Director, <span class=”notranslate”>Worldwide Kids</span>

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