We all know how important professional childcare services are for children in resort when using the kids club but, outside of the club, what else are you doing to help the youngest of guests get the most out of your resort?

It’s sometimes the smallest things that mean the most, and the whole team should be trained and instructed on how to make little ones welcome.

Do you offer special child friendly fruit snacks and mini bottles of water, not too cold, on the beach? Remember to cut grapes lengthways and thinly slice fruit to prevent potential choking hazards as well as always asking the parents’ permission before offering anything to a child.

Housekeeping could ensure that cot sheets and blankets are always washed in non-biological washing powder to prevent potential allergies or uncomfortable rashes. They can also assist with ensuring that the kids club cleaning schedule is well maintained and that all cleaning products used in the children’s areas meet international child safety guidelines.

Food and Beverage could implement a special children’s early lunch and supper with child sized cutlery and crockery as well as ensuring that any potentially allergenic foods are avoided.

Front of House could make check in more friendly and perhaps provide little ones with fun distractions, such as toys and games, to help keep them occupied while the necessary paperwork is completed with parents.

Maintenance can ensure that all surfaces around the resort are smooth with no trip hazards as well as making sure that there are no poisonous plants, particularly those with berries, within the grounds.

If every member of the team completes their part, the whole resort will benefit from a safer, more family friendly environment, reduced liability and happier, more relaxed parents who are far more likely to return.

Kate Dicker, Business Development Consultant, Worldwide Kids

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