The family market is growing rapidly

Family bookings are increasing at double the rate of non-family bookings.

44% of adults bring children and grandchildren along on leisure travels.

Family tourism now accounts for about 30% of the global leisure travel market.

These are statistics that can’t be ignored.

Exceptional childcare is proven to improve your repeat bookings & stimulate overall resort turnover.

  • Children are your future clients. If  you can ensure that they have a holiday of a lifetime, then those families will return year on year.
  • Younger kids visiting your resort = longer lifetime value as a repeat visitor
  • Parents are happy to pay for a professional childcare service, bringing new revenue streams for your hotel or resort
  • Families with young children tend to prefer to holiday outside of peak school seasons. With a creche service you can expect to see a 15% growth per annum
    • In 2018, 21% of Worldwide Kids’ families booked more than 1 holiday with a WK accredited resort.

Worldwide Kids can help you to attract these high value family guests to your hotel or resort.


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What do families want & expect from a family friendly resort?

Important features and services and why

  1. Cater for all ages from creche to teens
    • having an exceptional creche facility will encourage your younger families to visit and return year on year
    • your resort will appeal to all families with 1 or more children of varying ages
    • families can look forward to the different activities that will be available for their children as they get older, for planning future visits
  2. Provide supervised kids clubs (parents can have a well deserved break) and family together facilities where parents can go with their children
    • it’s important to have both of these types of facilities so that families can easily enjoy the balance of ‘me-time’ and family time that they want from their holiday
  3. Age-appropriate inside and outside spaces, equipment and activities for all age groups from creche to teens
  4. Activities should be both educational and fun, and aligned with your resort’s ethos and culture
  5. Implement strict safety policies and procedures to minimise risk
  6. Employ the right staff – qualified, experienced, energetic, and fun
  7. Ensure care and space ratios are implemented – this ensures a safe and consistent high quality of care
  8. Ensure parents can easily book their childrens’ spaces and manage bookings online

What if you get it wrong?

This is where it really pays to invest in professional childcare services in your hotel or resort.

  • Families talk. Which is great if everything is going well – word of mouth recommendations are really valuable to you. But if things go wrong, your reputation can quickly be tarnished.
  • Being responsible for other peoples’ children comes with significant risks in terms of safeguarding and legal implications if things go wrong.
  • Accidents can still happen, but if you are 100% sure that you have stringent health and safety policies that are strictly adhered to by your staff then you greatly minimise risk of liability to your business when they do on the rare occasion occur.

Worldwide Kids can transform your hotel’s family facilities and services into an experience to delight your guests, improving customer loyalty and positive word of mouth.

We offer a complete solution for your childcare needs, from kids’ club concept and design and City & Guilds accredited training for childcare staff, to a fully outsourced kids’ club service.

If you would like to find out more about how we could help you to improve your family facilities and services, then please get in touch and we can arrange a suitable time for a free consultation.

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