Our mission at Worldwide Kids is to give you an opportunity to indulge, relax, and enjoy some adult time by providing your children with fun new experiences whilst you’re on holiday.
Here are a few ideas to help you achieve this at home this Christmas, with very best wishes from all the team at Worldwide Kids.

1. Snowball Chopsticks

Snowball chopsticks
What you’ll need:
• Mini marshmallows
• Chopsticks
• Hot chocolate (optional)

How many mini marshmallows you can pick up with chopsticks?
There are variations you could try to this game – take it in turns and have 30 seconds each to pick up as many marshmallows as you can from a bowl in the middle. Or give each child an equal pile of marshmallows each and let them race to pick them all up.
The marshmallows can be placed into a mug of hot chocolate, or just popped straight in your mouth!

2. Reindeer scavenger hunt

Reindeer Scavenger Huint
What you’ll need:
• A small toy reindeer or similar Christmas character

Here’s a fun scavenger hunt where the kids will need to find Santa’s reindeer that you’ve hidden. Depending on the age of children you have at the party, you can make it easy to find or a little more difficult. You could hide more than one if there are more kids, and have them working in teams.

3. Candy Cane Hunt

Candy canes
What you’ll need:
• A supply of candy canes or similar Christmas treat (at least one for each child!)

I don’t think we need to explain the rules for this one! Make them hard to find to keep them searching for longer!

4. Mitten munch

Chocolate Coins
What you’ll need:
• A pair of thick gloves or mittens for each child
• A small candy cane or Christmas chocolates for each child

Each child puts on a pair of mittens and then unwraps a small piece of candy while wearing them. This game can work with teams or keep the kids working on their own. You could combine this game with the candy cane hunt above so they have to hunt for their prize first!

5. Stocking game

What you’ll need:
• A large stocking
• A selection of Christmas themed items from around the house

Fill a large stocking with items from around the house and let the kids guess what’s in the stocking by feeling the contents – no peeking!
Here are some ideas of what to put in the stocking:
• Cookie cutter
• Pine cone
• Nut cracker
• Bag of chocolate coins (they could share these out once the game is finished)
• Rudolph’s carrot
• Satsuma
• A bauble off the tree
• A bit of crumpled up wrapping paper
• A roll of Sellotape

6. Cheat the New Year

Here’s a great idea so that you can be assured of some adult time to see in the New Year! Half an hour before your kids’ bedtime, switch the clocks to 11:30 P.M. Count down to “midnight” together then bang pots and pans. Put your children to bed and ring in the new year again with your partner and/or friends!

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a perfect year in 2019.

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