Worldwide Kids Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Can my child attend the younger/older age group?    The ages allocated cannot be mixed e.g. a 3 year old attending kids club with their older sibling. This is due to policies and procedures including lower adult:child ratios for under 4 years old. Hotels also operate age appropriate activities for the children.
  2. What languages do the childcare staff speak?   We endeavour to ensure that hotel childcare teams speak as many languages as possible. All staff are English speaking.
  3. What is the cancellation policy?  Hotels with Worldwide Kids approved childcare services usually operate a 24 hour cancellation policy to ensure spaces are given to children on waiting lists. Failure to cancel any unwanted sessions may result in the cost of the session being charged. You may cancel any sessions by contacting the Childcare Manager or Supervisors directly in resort.
  4. Can children and babies sleep during the session?   Yes, Hotels with Worldwide Kids approved crèches do supply sleeping areas, cots and rest beds for babies and children. Childcare teams will endeavour to adhere to your children’s routines including sleep and nap times as required.
  5. What are the qualifications of the staff?All childcare staff are highly experienced with working with children of all ages. All staff working with children under 4 years (crèche staff) are fully qualified in childcare. All staff working with the children hold a current DBS (police check). All childcare staff complete Worldwide Kids City and Guilds Accredited ‘International Childcare for Leisure and Tourism’ training course including Paediatric First Aid.
  6. What kind of activities are on offer?     Worldwide Kids accredited childcare services offer lots of different activities throughout the different age groups of children such as arts and crafts, sports, cooking, water sports, swimming and team games. As the children are on holiday hotel childcare teams will try their very best to ensure all children have the best holiday ever. All activities are planned by childcare staff to be age appropriate and are displayed on timetables on a weekly basis. Activity timetables can be obtained whilst in resort from reception, guest services or the childcare department.
  7. Can parents stay in the setting during session time?   Worldwide Kids advise that hotel childcare operations follow a strict policy that adults are not permitted to stay with their children in the setting. This is a safeguarding policy to ensure the health and safety of all the children signed into our care as this is our main priority. Childcare teams will however welcome parents into the setting for a brief period to settle their children in.
  8. Can my child or baby have a meal during crèche operational times?   If a baby requires feeding during the session they are attending, all accredited crèches has a fully functional kitchen to warm bottles, keep items cool in the fridge, warm meals etc. Food can also be ordered from the room service. All children will be offered a snack of fresh fruit during every session. All children will have access to drinking water throughout all sessions.
  9. Are evening babysitters available?   Babysitters for the evening are available subject to availability; these may be childcare staff or staff trained by the Childcare Manager. All babysitters have been police checked before carrying out any babysitting. Babysitting is organised and allocated by the hotel childcare manager in resort. Babysitting can be requested using our online booking system or booked whilst in resort.
  10. How do I pre book childcare sessions and babysitting? We strongly recommend pre booking childcare sessions before arriving in resort. This is to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited due to strict care ratios.To pre book sessions please visit the following link to the Worldwide Kids online booking system.
  11.  Families, agents and reservations staff can complete a booking or check availability during a particular time. Babysitting can also be requested through the booking system and will be confirmed directly by the childcare manager as soon as possible. You will automatically receive confirmation of your childcare booking with a secure login to enable editing your childcare booking online.
  12. What are the staff to child childcare ratios?  Hotels with Worldwide Kids Accredited childcare services adhere at the very least to relevant English Ofsted standards and follow the below adult to child care ratios:

– Ages 4-23 months: 1 adult: 3 children

– Ages 2-3 years: 1 adult: 4 children

– Swimming with creche children 1 adult: 1 child

– Ages 4-11 years: 1 adult: 8 children

– Swimming sessions for ages 4-11 years: 1 adult: 8 children however there are always 2 members of staff supervising when swimming.

– Ages 12+ : 1 adult: 8 children

13. Additional Needs

Worldwide Kids accredited childcare services never exceed these ratios.
Where possible childcare teams will be increased to ensure all children’s needs are met.
With this in mind accredited hotel childcare services operate an inclusive service and are flexible to accommodate children with additional needs provided we have prior knowledge of requirements. Please contact the resort’s childcare manager to provide more details.

14. There appears to be no availability in the club I want to book for my child?
Worldwide Kids booking system availability is based on staffing levels agreed with the hotel, and the physical play space available.
In cases where clubs become fully booked and where physical space permit, we will always seek to increase staffing level subject to agreement
by the hotel. Spaces will be given on a first come first serviced basis, so please do continue to make the booking by adding your child to the waiting list
to ensure they are as high up the list as possible. We will contact you if staffing levels change and that results in spaces becoming available for your child.