Families save up all year round so when choosing the destination for their annual vacation there are several factors they will consider to ensure they make the right choice.  A pool of course can be a big factor when looking at different resorts as this will keep the whole family happy for hours. Although ‘just a pool’ is not all they are looking out for and the maintenance and safety of a swimming pool should be of paramount importance to hoteliers. Does the pool follow health and safety guidelines? Has the pool been risk assessed? Does the pool have sufficient lifeguards, depth markers and sufficient shade? Is the pool environment enjoyable for families to have a relaxing and time? If the answers are yes then there is one factor ticked off for the family in choosing their resort. Another large factor a hotel may also already have in place but needs to be done correctly is their children’s menu. A resort needs to ensure the child menu they offer is appealing to the little guests whilst offering healthy options and providing good quality ingredients in their meals. Having little guest friendly plates and cutlery is also a great benefit for parents or even a children’s height buffet offering the kid’s a variety of healthy yet enjoyable food options.

Of course the previous factors are big positives in making the big decision but other factors which families will consider to ensure their holiday is ‘family friendly’ include; what activities, entertainment or excursions are on offer? How long is the transfer time from the airport? Is the accommodation suitable for ‘little guests’ and is there an option to rent/ lend equipment for babies? Are there any childcare facilities in the hotel?

Families will of course consider what entertainment will be on offer to keep the whole family engaged on their trip. They will look at what activities are available for them to get involved in and what facilities they can use such as the spa, gym or playground. They will also consider the location of the resort in relation to excursions they may be able to take which aren’t too far for the kids too travel or too far for them to get back to the children that might be using the childcare back at the hotel. Location is also important for families thinking about transfers from the airport or train station. When considering transfers they may be swayed by the vehicle option and the correct car seats being offered to ensure no matter the length that the journey is safe.

Families will also want to make sure the accommodation on offer is suitable for the kids. In order for accommodation to reach the suitable criteria cots should be available to guests, safe balconies and child safe locks on doors. It is also a good option for hoteliers to consider offering rental equipment or lending on cots, bottle warmers, sterilisers and pushchairs.

The final factor which parents will look into is what childcare options are available on offer within the resort and the reputation of these facilities. These options can include a crèche with qualified staff for children aged 4 months – 3 years, a kids club for the older children, activities for teens and babysitting services for those evenings when parents want to go and have dinner whilst the kids are in bed after a long day at the pool.

Megan Wilson, Operations Consultant, <span class=”notranslate”>Worldwide Kids</span>.

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