Covid-19: With the imminent re-opening of the hospitality industry in Europe and beyond, there is an excitement of opportunity to serve customers and provide superb holiday experiences again. 

Planning and process is being reconsidered throughout the world with enhanced methods for check-in, F&B, room hygiene, and occupancy.

The Challenge

Giving families the confidence to travel and the peace of mind that you have taken all steps possible to mitigate the risk of infection, and thus ensure their safety and enjoyment. 

Key Areas of Consideration

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Families will want to know that there is a robust needs-based testing schedule and policy in place to ensure that:

  1. those who have antibodies are able to optimise their play experience
  2. those who have COVID-19 or develop symptoms are isolated and aren’t able to infect others
  3. those who don’t have it are protected effectively from any risk.

Implementation of an effective track and trace strategy to reduce or remove risk of an outbreak in a hotel or resort by quickly identifying and contacting those who have symptoms or have recently been in contact with anyone who has tested positive.

Parents will want to understand and be reassured of how your resort will implement and manage social distancing measures both throughout the resort and in particular in family and childrens activity areas. Activities for kids must be well planned and managed according to physcial distancing guidelines, with minimal compromise on fun, learning and non-physical social interaction.

PPE and uniform policies will provide further peace of mind and reassurance that virus transmission is prevented as far as is possible, including through use of PPE where appropriate, and policy on uniform design, washing and usage.

Some Solutions

Worldwide Kids has been working hard to create solutions and guidance for a new way of delivering the very best-in-class hospitality service with these considerations in mind.

We have:

  1. Covid-19 policies and guidelines for operations

  2. Covid-19 General and first aid training for ‘Covid Aware’ Accreditation

  3. Physically distanced programming for kids that will allow resorts to give kids the social interaction with peers that they crave.

  4. An improved Kids Management System allowing pre-booking of childcare online, and Online registration for kids clubs to reduce the need for face to face interaction and paperwork. 


Worldwide Kids has developed Covid-19 risk management guidelines for the safest possible operations of children’s activity programs in a resort environment. Provided in pdf or Word document formats, and includes:
  1. Access to the kids’ club/creche
  2. Occupancy levels
  3. Hygiene and cleanliness
  4. Managing physical distancing
  5. Intimate care
  6. Managing children who are unwell
  7. Appropriate activities
  8. Food and beverage
  9. First Aid skills amends for Covid-19 – for cardiac arrest and CPR
  10. Covid Guidance posters


Worldwide Kids has developed a new training course to give resort teams the new skills necessary for minimising risk in a resort environment with Covid-19 safety specifically in mind.

This is a new and virulent coronavirus, so new measures are necessary to reduce the potential spread of infection. This training also includes detail regarding symptoms, distancing, hygiene, etc.

This course takes 2 days to complete and is best delivered online in groups of up to 8 learners, to ensure adequate interaction and maximise learning.

Each learner who successfully completes training and Performance Evidence Records will gain our Worldwide Kids ‘Covid trained’ Accreditation certificate.

Performance Evidence Records are a short online test to demonstrate that each learner has listened attentively and understands the key learning goals.

(Priced per learner with minimum CHF 2000 per course)