Worldwide Kids are the leading provider of childcare solutions into luxury hotels and resorts around the world. But did you know that Worldwide Kids also provide childcare services into corporate environments and for conferences and events?

Corporate child care, sponsored or managed by an employer can be an employee benefit, perk or a part of the corporate social responsibility policy of your company. It can provide working parents with an opportunity to find work-life balance. This in turn can increase employee loyalty, reduce employee turnover, reduce recruitment costs, decrease maternity leaves and improve job concentration.

corporate childcare worldwide kids ripe 76Many working parents face huge challenges when it comes to childcare:

  • lack of free places in pre-schools that are in a convenient location to home or work
  • inconvenient hours
  • expensive fees
  • low quality of services
  • little quality time spent with children

Corporate child care programs intend to address these issues;

  • The company provides child care places for children, in or near the workplace
  • Timetable is adjusted to parents working hours
  • The company can either cover all the expenses or share them with parents
  • Guaranteed quality of care with Worldwide Kids
  • More time to spend with children (removing the commute / transfer time between work and nursery)

Worldwide Kids can provide an end to end solution and ongoing service, or any part of the solution:

    1. Identify a suitable space to operate in your premises
    2. Design and create an early years learning and development centre for your employees’ children
    3. Purchase age appropriate equipment that will assist fun and learning
    4. Recruit and provide qualified, experienced childcare staff
    5. Set up a childcare schedule and curriculum that suits your employee requirements
    6. Operate your corporate childcare services
    7. Popup creche / pre-school for corporate events and conferences

We recently set up and ran a ‘popup creche’ at the RIPE76 event in France:

RIPE NCC got in touch with Worldwide Kids to setup and run a popup creche for the duration of a 5 day event they were holding in France.

What did we do?

Working closely with a member of the RIPE team, we planned how the childcare facility could work best at the event, considering:

  • the space available
  • age ranges of children
  • capacity and ratios

This allowed us to plan the facilities, equipment, supplies and activities to best meet the needs of the children expected to attend.

  •  Activity plans were developed for the different age groups, to be fun, stimulating and educational
  • Qualified, French speaking staff were recruited and trained. All had worked with Worldwide Kids previously, and were highly experienced.
In a day, our team set up the space, transforming it from conference room to creche:
  • Carpeting was installed
  • A variety of equipment was provided; Arts & crafts, sensory activities, no-cook cooking, construction, soft play, cosy corner, home corner and small world.
  • A health & safety audit of the room was completed: ensuring there were sufficient plug socket covers, accessible toileting, hand wash facilities and a first aid kit.
The creche was operated between the hours of 8.30am – midday and 1pm – 7pm every day for 5 days.
Evening babysitting was also on offer from 19:30 each evening if required.
All documentation was developed in line with Worldwide Kids standard operating procedures to ensure the abolute safety of the children in our care.


Parent feedback at the end of the event was outstanding:

100% of parents rated the staff as Excellent (friendly, informative, willing to help)

100% of parents rated the facilities and activities as Excellent 

100% of parents rated the overall level of child safety as Excellent (general room safety, child supervision, ratios etc)

100% of parents said they would Definitely use Worldwide Kids childcare services again at future events

‘It was a lovely experience for my child and for me. All the team was really nice with the kids and my son had a really nice time! Actually we weren´t sure whether to start sending him to a kinder garden or leave him at home with a nanny, and after the great experience he had in the Worldwide Kids childcare  we decided he will have a great time, so thank you very much for everything. It was really useful for me to know that my son was having a nice time and I could enjoy the event and to be able to travel with my son for work. Thank you RIPE for this great service!’ 

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about how we could help you setup childcare facilities and services within your place of work, or for a conference or event you are planning.

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