Whatever sector you work in, continuous professional development is highly important. For many hotel kids’ clubs and crèches, training and professional development are more of a “nice-to-have” rather than a “must-have” offering, often underestimating the enormous responsibility of looking after children. Effectively building the skills of your team can have a great impact on the success of your kids’ clubs and crèches. Though childcare staff training does involve an investment of time and money, keep in mind that having a confident, professional, growing team boosts the overall performance of your kids’ club/crèches, enhances your “little guests” experience and ultimately your bottom line.

What are the benefits?

You can provide better care: Most importantly, investing in childcare staff training will allow you to provide better quality care to children and families. Whether you choose to train your staff in paediatric First Aid techniques, the latest approaches to understanding child development or how to plan and implement an outstanding activity timetable, the results benefit every child you care for. Your staff will ultimately be better equipped to provide outstanding care and an enhanced experience.

You can build your reputation: Better quality childcare means happier children and parents – and that means more business! Your hotel’s reputation will receive a boost when you make an investment in training your staff. Not only will you benefit from word-of-mouth recommendations among guests, you will be able to market your kids’ club and crèche as having highly trained and qualified staff. More and more, this is one of the key deciding factors for parents who are looking for the right hotel for their family holiday.

It raises staff morale and builds confidence: Having high morale in your team is what keeps your kids’ club and crèche staff smiling through long hours or exhausting days often associated within the hospitality sector. If staff members feel they are stagnating in their role, productivity may decrease if they feel like they cannot progress in their career. You can encourage higher levels of motivation in your team simply by addressing the specific training needs of your staff and the niche service they are providing.

Your Staff Will Help You Innovate: When your staff attend training courses, they will be exposed to new concepts or research, and begin to develop new and creative ideas that will allow your kids’ club and crèche to become more successful. Employees will be invested in improving your childcare provision in your hotel, its processes and its activities to reflect what they have learned. As a result, your kids’ club and crèche will become more innovative, more efficient and more productive as a whole.

Though investing in training has its costs, the benefits of going above and beyond the minimum training requirements for your childcare staff are extremely valuable to your hotel and your guests. Those employers that show a commitment to personal training and development are more likely to have a low turnover leading to a sustainable quality workforce.

Ask yourself

Who wouldn’t want to work for an employer that invests and values them as employees?

Who would not want to trust the care of their children to a professional, specifically trained childcare team?

Who wouldn’t want to offer a service in their hotel that was not only fun and engaging but ultimately safe?

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