It is possible that children and babies have the potential to spend a long time at a childcare facility through both their choice and their parents. With this in mind, as childcare professionals it is our responsibility to provide secure, nurturing, stimulating and comfortable surroundings for the children in our care. All of these factors are designed to contribute towards a child’s health and development.

All childcare facilities should emit quality care, professionalism, development and inclusivity to ensure parents and children are at ease when attending. Childcare facilities will vary dependent on the number of children attending, the target age group, the available budget and space available. <span class=”notranslate”>Worldwide Kids</span> recommends the following elements as basic childcare facility requirements:

  • Toilets: gender specific, staff and accessible
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Office space
  • Kitchen: food making and storage facilities
  • Age appropriate indoor & outdoor play equipment
  • Safe and secure
  • Natural light in childcare areas
  • Good ventilation and a constant temperature of 18 – 22 degrees.
  • Adequate storage areas

Worldwide Kids provides childcare facility design services for the hospitality and leisure industry worldwide. We strive to achieve the very best childcare facility regardless of the budget, available space and target age range. When carrying out the concept and design process Worldwide Kids will aim to include the following factors:

  • Child friendly: all elements of the facility should be age appropriate including child-sized furniture, toilets, sinks, water fountains etc.
  • Encourage independence: all childcare facilities should allow children to be able to independently go to the toilet, have a drink, rest etc. Children should also be able to choose activities or toys and friends or playmates.
  • Be inclusive: childcare facilities should be neutral with no preferences between boys and girls. Develop the facility to be accessible to all children and adults. Adapt the facility to be suitable for children with special educational needs.
  • Structured and flexible: the facility should be suitable for quiet and active play. The equipment and facility should be designed in a way that can be rearranged dependent on the activity.
  • Safe, secure and healthy: ensure the facility is safe and no one has unrestricted access. Child protection and supervision is paramount. The facility and all equipment is clean and washing facilities are available.

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