A number of hotels can claim to be “family friendly”. However, what does this mean exactly? We believe family friendly hotels are not just about providing high chairs in the restaurants or cots in their bedrooms. Family friendly is, most importantly, about making sure families with children are facilitated for on all levels and are comfortable in the hotel, whether this is having supervised childcare facilities, a family playground, children’s activity areas or a fully trained babysitting service.  Part of providing a thorough childcare facility involves catering for children of different ages. An effective way of doing this is to aim to provide facilities and services that are suitable for children aged 0-3, 4-11 and 12+.

Having a suitable crèche facility for babies and toddlers (0-3) is a particularly important factor for families, particularly as this will probably be their first family holiday. This is also the age group where children require the most attention. Baby friendly hotels operating a qualified crèche are a decision maker for families with little ones. This is because, as well as having some priceless family time, parents enjoy having the option and facility to keep their most important priorities safe and comfortable whilst they have some well-deserved time together to relax on holiday.

Kids club is a vital factor when families choose and book their holiday destination. It is important for parents that on holiday their children are socialising, kept active and are given the chance to gain new skills whilst creating unforgettable memories. Children have probably been dreaming of their holiday for many weeks before they arrive. By fulfilling their holiday dreams with exciting experiences the hotel is more likely to gain new repeat guests.

Teen clubs and activities are often forgotten about in hotels. However, this is probably the most demanding age group in terms of keeping those involved happy. Parents are desperate for ways to keep their older children entertained all the time on holiday. Teen clubs offer a supervised environment for children to socialise and make new friendships, engage in exciting activities whilst feeling independent away from their parents in a new environment.

Having childcare facilities that are safe, well-run and aesthetically pleasing is a massive plus for both a hotel and its families that are in the hotel. Properly supervised and fun clubs and activities allow parents to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time while they are on their holiday, leading to them spending money on other hotel facilities such as the spa. Guests have fed back to us that providing a professional, comprehensive and above all, safe environment for their little ones is something they are particularly grateful for. After all, happy children usually lead to happy parents, which increases the chances of the family returning to the same hotel for their next holiday.

Rebecca Davidson, Operations Consultant, <span class=”notranslate”>Worldwide Kids</span>

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