It is important that all staff appreciate that the little guests are also important. Children are the reason that families are at your hotel.

Creating lasting memories of a relaxing and carefree holiday for families involves a series of little details for the little guests. For parents to be able to completely relax, they need to be reassured their children will be catered for in a stimulating and safe environment by experienced and qualified staff. Without the kids being happy, settled and accommodated for there is no chance families will be able to fully enjoy the facilities that are on offer.

The most important and easiest step in making sure the little guests are happy is communication: ensuring your staff members in any department always have a smile, get down to the child’s level and offer a warm, calming environment. They need to remember names, birthdays and ask questions open ended questions which make the child feel special.

Of course, with all customer service nothing is too much trouble so the journey begins with the transfer from the airport. Ensure you can offer the correct car seat so parents can relax on the way to the hotel, sometimes after a rather testing flight. On arrival, everyone is trying to cut check in times down to the minimum and get everyone settled in their accommodation as soon as possible. It is useful to have something to keep the children occupied at this point whilst the parents dig through nappy bags, plastic dinosaurs and this morning’s snack to find their passports. The arrival to the room is the last hurdle to the journey. At this point the feeling of having the cot you ordered and the bottle warmer ready will create their first impression of what their holiday is going to be like.

Meal times might be the next challenge for families but it doesn’t have to be, by providing plastic cups, beakers and cutlery the family can relax without any worry of smashed glasses. Having the highchair immediately delivered and providing some coloring or small toys to keep the kids occupied whilst mum and dad can enjoy a refreshment is a good idea too.

In order to really cater for families and show them your positive attitude it is necessary for you to see the world through their eyes. Can a child reach the sink in the bathroom or do we need a toddler step? Does the buffet offer children’s options which are appealing but healthy too?

It is vital to ensure this attitude is consistent when families or children are visiting any department in the hotel, making all areas accessible or offering alternatives that might not be so ‘family friendly’. Provide your childcare department with enough options to cater for any needs the family might have and offer flexibility because all children are different and families have different wants/needs.

Megan Wilson, Operations Consultant, <span class=”notranslate”>Worldwide Kids</span>

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