It can be quite stressful to travel with children, so when parents are picking hotels, they want to choose somewhere they are sure their children are welcome. That doesn’t mean just having a Kids Club and babysitting available. Hotels that are truly family friendly should also be thinking about all the areas where children might be going within the hotel.

There are many factors to consider. Starting from the arrival. Reception desks are more than often just for the adults – of course, they are the ones dealing with reservations etc. However, let’s not forget that children want to get involved in everything their parents do. Hotels should think about ‘children’s reception desks’ to be available for their ‘little guests’. So while parents are filling in the forms and giving you passports, children can also be writing their names/age down on separate forms made just for them.

Corridors – are there any sharp objects or stands that could easily fall? When you are designing a family-friendly hotel, everything and anything should be thought about.

Pool areas – this is an area where children will visit frequently. Of course, there should be a kid’s pool (not more than 1m deep) but have you thought about the signs that are put around the pools? Not all children can read, so make sure there are signs that are child-friendly (imagines of No Diving, No Jumping etc.) and are clearly displayed. Depth markings should also be clearly displayed and a lifeguard should be on duty during operational hours. As we know, children love to run around so ensure the area surrounding the pool has a non-slip surface.

Public toilets – most hotels have children toilets only and exclusively in the Kids Clubs. What about the public toilets? We would advise at least one cubicle to be a child’s toilet, as well a lower sink, which is more accessible. There should also be a baby changing area (accessible to both mothers and fathers) by the pools, restaurants & beach as well as the childcare facilities.

Breakfast area – would you say the hotel is children friendly if children can’t even serve themselves at breakfast? If you have a buffet that is specifically designed for children (lower table, plastic forks and glasses), you will not only make them feel more welcome but also prevent any sort of accident that might happen while they’re trying to put food on their dishes.

As you can see, there are several factors to consider to make your hotel truly ‘family friendly’. If you need any professional childcare advice when it comes to hotels, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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