In luxury hospitality, guests look for a true and unique experience. Children also want to experience this. In order to satisfy their little guests, most luxury hotels have implemented a play centre with games consoles, TVs, arcades & virtual reality experiences etc. But do these really make a hotel unique and outstanding?

At <span class=”notranslate”>Worldwide Kids</span>, we believe that unique experiences are made through learning, discovery and fun. The key is to offer an authentic cultural experience –  a play centre is not the solution. Here are some tips to provide an outstanding experience centre for children:

– dedicated area which includes good quality, durable and age appropriate equipment. This area will ensure your little guest are having fun in a safe and vibrant environment.

– age appropriate supervised activities that give your younger guests a taste of everything that your hotel or resort has to offer. Giving children unique opportunities and experiences that will have them demanding to return.

– qualified staff are essential to the successful operation of childcare services. Trained staff not only operate better services but also give confidence to guests knowing that their precious children are being cared for by well-prepared professionals.

Having the above aspects in place enables your Kids Club to provide the same luxury and outstanding services & standards that adult guests experience elsewhere in your hotel.

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