Dear Marcus, Rosie and team,

Sani creche was the best facility we have ever experienced on holiday. From the moment we booked our sessions with Marcus to the day we left the service was 100% professional and we couldn’t have asked for any more. We couldn’t have asked for better.

What makes it so special of course are the staff – all warm, lovely, energetic and professional. Our girls looked forward to going every day and even made up funny songs on the way in about Rosie and Marcus as they were so excited about going. The level of care, the facilities, the activities offered were all 100% best in class and all hotels around the world should use Sani as a best in class example of how to run market leading creche services with a fantastic team.

We loved seeing them on their activities from the gym – or coming back with their arts and crafts that they had made during the day. They were so happy every time we collected them and then slept so well at lunchtime it was amazing.

Thank you again from me and my husband – from our perspective, the childcare facilities on offer will potentially make or break your holiday, and in our case we were delighted on all levels and were very happy to leave the girls every day due to how much they enjoyed it.

Thank you also to the lovely Mia who babysat for us on a few occasions – our girls adored her…

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